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Forest Hills Apartments

Forest Hills Apartments

Looking for Forest Hills apartments?  Well here you will find anywhere from a rent-stabilized building to a real mansion with so many bedrooms and so much green, you will feel like you are in the countryside.  Forest Hills is an area so unique, with so many large houses, mansions and yes even its own castle.

This area is known for having some of the most beautiful houses as close to New York City as you can get.  Multi-million dollar residences and brand new condominiums abound in Forest Hills.  Also be prepared for some great shopping right on Austin street, with its many designer stores and so much retail, you will have to make a decision which store to visit first.

If you are in the area make sure you stop by Cabana restaurant and try their black beans and yellow rice along with their great churrasco steak and enjoy it all with a glass of their famous red sangria. Come browse the large inventory of Forest Hills apartments and find out if the area fits your needs.

Forest Hills Activities

While you are in Forest Hills why don't come to visit the Forest Hills stadium? Known as Home of the US Open until 1978, the recently-renovated stadium is now used as a 14,000-seat venue for an annual summer concert series. Another attraction, Cheese of the world, This shop sells more than 250 cheeses from France, Switzerland, Italy and beyond; serving the dairy-loving New Yorkers at 71-48 Austin St. for nearly 60 years.

Martha's country bakery, Try the golden bestseller, jumbo Very Berry Napoleon even after midnight strikes since the bakery stays open until 1 am on Fridays and Saturdays. Shout out to you, sweet-tooth people!

Come to Forest Hills and find out if your next apartment in Forest Hills is the one closest to the subway F and E trains.  These trains are express and will bring you to the city in 20 minutes.


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