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Astoria Apartments

Astoria Neighborhood

So many things to do in Astoria Queens, including finding great Astoria apartments in this fashionable area that comes alive at night. Although Astoria apartment prices are not as they were 10 years ago, it still beats Manhattan by a long mile.  A multicultural neighborhood and home of many Greek families. Astoria is now the place to find well-priced apartments. Lots of young adults unhappy with NYC apartment prices, come here looking for that needle in the haystack.

You can ride the 3 subway lines into Astoria and depending of course where in Astoria you are. Astoria apartments are about 20 minutes from Manhattan and many restaurants and bars are in this area. You can also find great Brazilian food nowadays.

Astoria Activities

Great activities await you as well in Astoria, such as the Museum of the moving image, where you can explore all about film and television.

If you like to relax then the Astoria Park awaits you, where you can enjoy free WIFI and beautiful views of New York City.  If you are into movies, then you should visit the United Artist Kaufman Astoria 14 movie theatres which have amazing screens and also is surrounded by great bars and restaurants to grab a snack or a quick refreshment.

Perhaps you are a billiards aficionado and if that is the case, then swing by the Steinway billiards. Astoria not only offer great priced apartments but also great food.  While you eat you can shoot pool for 3 hours for only fifteen dollars.  Maybe your thing is not billiards and perhaps bowling is what rocks your boat, then make a quick stop at the Astoria Bowl, modern lanes and great food and drinks.

Acting Schools in Astoria

If you are an aspiring actor try the Frank Sinatra school of arts. Check out the videos of dance classes. Get feedback from agents, producers and casting directors.

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Best Food in Astoria


Local Transportation in Astoria

Steinway Subway station