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Queens Apartments


The Borough of Queens

Whether you are looking to browse Queens Apartments or learn more about 2 and 3 family homes as a primary residence or as an investment, you have come to the right place. Queens is perhaps not only an affordable place to live but is also a great place to invest and build fast equity in a short amount of time. It wasn't long ago when buyers that could not afford Manhattan, would run towards Brooklyn.  Not anymore.  Nowadays, Queens apartments, are known for appreciating in value just as fast as those in Brooklyn.

Manhattan and Brooklyn are already pricey, while Queens retains the up and coming feel to it.  Whether Jackson Heights, Corona, Woodside or Sunnyside, there are many great bargains to be had, which will only increase in value in the years to come.  The proximity to the city and the many available subway lines plus the low real estate prices, make the borough of Queens a very desirable place to live and invest in.  Let one of our real estate agents show you around the many well priced Queens apartments for sale and for rent.

Facts about the borough of Queens

Neighborhoods like Jackson Heights in Queens offer a great variety and different style of apartments, that you can't find anywhere else.  The historic district of Jackson Heights offers some of the most phenomenal pre-war spaces you will even find in New York for a fraction of what you would pay in Manhattan.  Besides the great real estate prices, Jackson Heights, offer more than 6 subways lines, located at the Roosevelt Avenue subway station, which two of those trains would take you to Manhattan in less than 10 minutes via express lines. Next, we have Forest Hills, an area where you can find a house, we mean a real house, like those you would find in any other state and probably not find this house sizes even in Manhattan.

Houses in Forest Hills Gardens are mansion style with enormous private gardens and garage for many cars.  This is probably the only area where you can find this size of real estate as close as it is to Manhattan.  Forest Hills also offers many new development doorman buildings full of amenities.  Next, we have Long Island city, an area that just a few years ago, was only an industrial area,  Nowadays many of these buildings, have been converted into residential lofts and retaining their original charm, and for a fraction of what you pay in Soho or Tribeca.  Come and visit any of these areas in Queens and find out if your ideal apartment is in any of these fabulous areas.