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Soho Neighborhood

Soho was featured in that movie with Richard Gere and Diane Lane. We will not disclose the name, but Soho has been a location for many Hollywood productions.  With its many designer boutiques, great restaurants, it attracts tons of tourists.  The area is also well know for its many cast iron buildings and incredible loft spaces.  Needles to say be prepared to spend a good chunk of your savings in housing to live in this area, you have to be aware that units either for rent or sale will move incredibly fast.  Inventory for rent particularly is very tight and very expensive. You will find here some of the oldest buildings in the city and some may not know, but certain areas in soho are designated for people that make a living of the arts.  Sculptors, painters, artists of all kinds live in soho and many fashion designers have moved recently into the area.   Soho has a high foot traffic any day of the week.

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