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West Village Apartments

West Village Neighborhood

Quaint streets, restaurants and fasion designers describe West Village. Let's not forget expensive West Village Apartments. If you are looking to purchase or rent apartments in the West Village be prepared to find high priced properties that also rent very very fast.

Despite its high prices, many boutiques and restaurants, the neighborhood manages to keep its everyone knows everyone feel to it. It is like a small town within a huge city and it is very desirable from celebrities to tourist that desire to stay and make it a permanent home.

Defined by its brownstones and townhouses. From Christopher and 7th avenue to the river, this area with keep you entertain for a couple of hours.  Don't forget to stop by any of the many cafes and enjoy a good snack.

Things to do in the West Village

In a mood for some great Jazz?, come by the Smalls Jazz club. Ranging from classic to contemporary sounds, this hole-in-the-wall spot offers three nightly performances

If you are out with your children, surprise them with a visit to Sticky's finger joint. where fried and grilled chicken tenders are served in inventive flavors like salted caramel.

Preview some cool foreign films at the IFC center. the art house caters to dedicated film enthusiasts as well as individuals looking for a richer, more immersive movie-going experience.

Finally is pertinent to remember that the West Village host the most expensive apartments in New York city.  It is most shoppers first choice, and it is not until we realize how expensive the prices per square foot and monthly rentals are that most quickly switch to other areas.  Nevertheless is worth to explore the area and who knows you may get lucky and find that needle in the haystack well priced and waiting for you.

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