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Wall Street Apartments

Wall Street Neighborhood

Wall Street apartments are usually well priced because the area is pretty much dead at night and during the weekend. Not very popular with the young crowd has kept prices still affordable. However things are changing very quickly. Home to Wall Street and super high rise Wall street apartments and new construction residential building as well as many gorgeous turn of the century prewar doorman buildings.

The area has become very desirable in recent years, although quiet during the weekend, it has so much foot traffic monday-friday that you may want to rethink living in this area. However if noise and foot traffic doesn't bother your, a great bargain can be find in the FIDI.

If you decide to visit make sure you stop by the Observatory. You may want to take a break from looking at Wall street apartments and do some shopping at Century 21, where you could find a Hugo Boss suit for half the price.  If not you can always visit the new world trade center and grab some sushi across the street.

Things to do in Wall Street

For one you can visit the South Seaport enjoy a bite to eat, have a cocktail and even watch the boats go by. Or perhaps you may want to venture into the South Seaport museum.

If you are hungry then The Fulton market kitchen is a must stop. Chef Chris Curren artfully combines a love of European Mediterranean cuisines, the inspiration of fresh local ingredients.  He is famous for a reason, stop by and find out why.

Shopping at the South street seaport is also a big draw. With a wide range of stores and shops, you can easily spend all day here and not realize it.

Most brokers in this area know when the good deals will arrive and can give you heads up before these great deals get listed.  Often times you will find great incentives to live in this area.  Not only are apartments well priced but they really offer great deals on a two year lease and a no broker fee in many buildings.


Best Food in Wall Street


Local Transportation

Fulton street Station