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Union Square Apartments

Union Square Neighborhood

The actual Union Square park was opened in 1839.  Union square apartments are expensive and scarce. On any given day not much inventory is found in this area. A few good apartments can be found at the Zeckendorf Towers, two large red towers right by the Union square park. If you are looking for well priced Union square apartments, a good real estate broker can be of great assistance.

Nowadays home of great restaurants such as Blue Water grill and the famous Coffee Shop owned by Jelly Bean Benitez. The park has it all, including a dog run and a cafe.  You can chill or you can walk, either way you will do a lot of people watch.

From the many couples looking for unique apartments in Union Square to the skateboard kids or the musician doing an impromptu concert, this area will only get better.  Many stores around the area and of course a lot of shopping available.  One thing is for sure, the housing market here is not for the faint of hearth, multi million dollar apartments surround the park. However you never know if you look hard enough, you may find a deal.

Things to do in Union Square

Many things to see and do in Union square. Starting with Union square park.  Here you can relax, walk your dog in the dog run and meet new friends walking their pets. Simply relax in the manicured grass or catch some entertainer, magician or musician entertaining the crowd.  You can also catch over 5 different subway lines here in Union Square.

Browse a wide selection of old and new books at the Strand Bookstore.  Find some of the rarest books in this place. Floors of books organized by genre, various new releases and special events announced through the year.

Not your typical food join is the Grey's dog cafe. Order your food, get assigned a bandanna and then they will find you and bring your food right over. If you are looking for a quick bite in an informal setting, then you have come to the right place..


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Best Food in Union Square


Local Transportation

Union Square Subway station