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Nolita Apartments

Nolita Neighborhood

Nolita is neighboring with Soho but it has a more Bohemia vibe.  Nolita apartments are less expensive than those in Soho, but still not as affordable as the East village. With its many cafes, restaurants, bars and many up and coming designers that have found a more affordable rent in this area than in Soho.

Some people call Nolita a cute neighborhood.  Nolita apartments wants to be Soho so bad but it is not yet there.  In any event I will let you decide for yourself. Its fun to walk and people watch, specially the fashionistas and when you get tired and hungry, walk into one of the many cafes near by. Let me now your thoughts.

Nolita apartments vary from new developments in the last few years and still many prewar and loft apartments. The area has become very desirable in the last decade. Often times real estate brokers get access to great apartment deals before they hit the market. Make sure to hire an experiences agent to assist you in your apartment search.

Things to do in Nolita

A great place to visit is the Police building.  Former headquarters to the police until 1973 and now converted to residential building. If you are looking for outstanding architecture and great privacy, the police building stands alone.

At lunch time make sure you visit Gelso and Grand for great pasta and amazing food and atmosphere. Try the burrata salad. Located in Grand Street.

For a more trendy vibe come to Cha Cha Matcha, lattes and more and some in vanilla flavor and a variety of milks to choose from.

Remember Nolita includes St Patricks old cathedral on mulberry between mott and prince streets.  Now a parish church.

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