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Murray Hill Apartments

Murray Hill Neighborhood

Yes there is also the very famous and well known comedian Murray Hill.  However we are discussing the neighborhood Murray Hill also known as Midtown East.  Murray Hill apartments and home prices in this area tend to be a bit lower than other areas of Manhattan.

There is no certain answers as of why, but you will find Murray Hill Apartments to be more affordable.  If you are looking for a doorman building or a well priced walk up apartment in Murray Hill, you will probably have a good chance to find it here.  You are still within walking distance to Grand Central and there are plenty of restaurants, bars and nightlife. Quiet at night and not as busy as midtown east during the day, makes Murray Hill apartments an affordable choice and a great place to live. 

Things to do in Murray Hill

Take a break from looking at apartments and catch a great cocktail at the Middle Branch.  Great cocktails and snacks in the middle of everything. You will also enjoy their well manicured garden in a townhouse setting.

If you are in to a more cozy mode, then come for a chill glass of wine at the Vanguard wine bar. Enjoy American food with French influences. For desert dont forget to try the Champagne float served in a coupe glass. However be careful they put enough champagne in it to catch a good buzz.

Are you in a mood for a fresh made sandwich? , then visit Lamazou.  Come in and have them make you a sandwich of whatever your heart desires. With their top quality cured meats, you know you will be served the best possible sandwich there is, with fresh baked breads of the highest quality.



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