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Morningside Heights Apartments

Morningside Heights Neighborhood

Sandwiched between Harlem and the Upper West side you will find Morningside Heights.  Find beautiful Morningside Heights apartments in this beautiful area full of gorgeous turn of the century pre-war buildings and home of Columbia University.

The area runs from 116th street to 125th street and from the Hudson River to Morningside Park.

The neighborhood is full with students and teachers that live in the area due to the Columbia University campus.

For the most part, Morningside Heights apartments feature fabulous spaces with high ceilings, fire places and cedar closets. The area has been able to maintain its old historic feeling and you would be rewarded with a phenomenal historic apartment if you choose on of these buildings.  Morningside Heights apartments for rent are also priced accordingly and affordable. And of course one of the biggest landlords in the area is now Columbia University.

Things to do in Morningside Heights

Well, someone said once, this area is more than a college town. The neighborhood runs from 110 street to 125th streets and sandwiched between 2 parks, Morningside Park and Riverside park.

This area is packed with coops and some condos and lots of rent stabilized buildings.  The area offers charming apartments that are hard to find in other areas, particularly at this prices.  Prewar apartments here cost a fraction of what you would pay lets say at Lincoln center. 

Sunday afternoon is a great day to see many Morningside apartments at once, being that there are many broker hosted open houses and many for sale by owner listings, which can be found on the New York Times or Streeteasy.   Many brokers nowadays also conduct open houses for rentals as well.  You can be certain that this area would offer value. Although in recent years with so many students and teachers the prices have gone up a bit, but the area still remains affordable and many good deals can still be found here.

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