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Lower East Side Apartments

Lower East Side Neighborhood

Browse our selection of Lower East Side apartments. The lower east side indeed one of the most interesting parts in New York City. Historically a Jewish neighborhood has now been packed with hipsters.


Many business lately have moved to this area because commercial spaces are more affordable and that goes for affordable Lower East side apartments as well. There are so many coffee shops, restaurants and bars in this area that your head will spin.  At night is a playground for young people looking to have a beer at a local bar or to meet at a comedy club.

In recent years the real estate market has exploded in this neighborhood being that prices are much lower than other areas.  However it doesn't come without a price. If you are looking for a quiet area the lower east side is not for you. Remember that when looking for a place to live.

If you like to take a break from searching for the perfect East Village apartments, you could relax with some delicious candy. Economy candy features a wide selection of candy including gummy bears. Located at 108 Rivington street.

Or perhaps you are more of a cake lover?. then head over to the cake shop on Ludlow street. Not only do they serve delicious cakes but also a wide variety of deserts and even cocktails if you find those Lower East Side apartment prices too expensive.

Maybe you don't like either ice cream or cakes and you are more of a doughnut kind of person. Doughnut plant on Grand street serves oversized doughnuts for all taste. Also a large variety of teas and coffees are served in this fun place in the middle of everything.

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