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Chelsea Apartments

Chelsea Apartments

if you are looking for those well priced Chelsea apartments, then our custom search tool is the way to go. Here are some facts about the area. Chelsea is indeed a colorful neighborhood and has seen many changes in the past. The old railroad has been incorporated into a nice part of the area and now a walk in the park. With a combination of old and new Chelsea apartments, you will find great townhouses, low rise buildings and plenty of new construction including old warehouses and factories that been converted into residential spaces.   Though no longer quite the LGBT bastion it once was, Chelsea is still home to many gay bars.

Chelsea Attractions

The Highline park inspired by a project in Paris extends from Gansevoort Street to close to the Javits Center. The park is beautifully manicured and offers fantastic views of the city and the Hudson River, Make a stop in the park while you look for the perfect apartment in Chelsea.

Another great attraction is Chelsea Piers sports and entertainment complex. The complex includes a health club, the city's largest gymnastics training facility, two basketball courts, playing fields for soccer, batting cages, a rock wall, and dance studios.

Swing by the Chelsea flea market with up to 135 vendors sell antiques, collectibles, decorative arts, clothing, jewelry, and many other types of antiques and collectibles at the market. Food options abound while you shop for the ideal apartment in Chelsea. include many options of local cuisine, diverse restaurants, and sandwich shops.

Another cool attraction is the Highline ballroom in Chelsea. Music venue and nightclub that features a wide range of concerts in a variety of musical styles. Ballroom is available to be used as event space as well, and it is a popular location for hosting parties, events and meetings.


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Best Food in Chelsea

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Local Transportation

23rd street Subway station

23rd street subway stations