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Carnegie Hill Apartments

Carnegie Hill Apartments

Would you like to see a wide range of Carnegie Hill apartments with fabulous architectural detail? then you have come to the right neighbourhood.  In Carnegie Hill you could find a turn of the century limestone mansion apartment or a simple walk up rent-stabilized Carnegie Hill apartment building.

New High rise doorman buildings are everywhere as well. This neighbourhood is synonymous with old money and big-time homes. You can also find here some of the best public schools in Manhattan. The area extends from 86th street to 96th street and from West of Third Avenue to Fifth Avenue, this is not uncommon that if you don't live in the right side of the avenue, your children will not be able to attend a particular school.  Yes, Carnegie Hill even has its own Architectural guide.  Here in Carnegie Hill you could find a quintessential pre-war doorman co-op apartment or a very well priced rent stabilized building.

Things to do in Carnegie Hill

  • Met for contemporary art and not to mention that the architecture of the building is great.
  • The Jewish museum where you can follow the story of the Jewish people
  • Sotheby's where you can a self portrait of Andy Warhol sold for a record 32 million in 2010.
  • The Guggenheim Museum wher the architecture if phenomenal.  Frank Lloyd Wright originally intended for Guggenheim visitors to take the elevator up and stroll down the ramps. Today, exhibitions are viewed in both ways.
  • The Asia Society art museum. Here try Josette: Great Asia-inspired healthy, fresh food, good vegan too. Great weekend brunch and afternoon high-tea
  • Ballet academy east.  Great classes and also ideal for kids.
  • Carl Schurz Park Nice spots to sit, convenient dog parks and Gracie mansion is in this park, too!...all along the east river
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Best Food in Carnegie Hill


Local Transportation

86th street Subway station

96th street subway stations