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Battery Park City Apartments

Battery Park City Area

The southern tip of Manhattan facing the Harbor is known as Battery Park City. Beautiful high rise Battery Park City apartments for rent and magnificent High rise condo buildings for sale you will find in this area.  Rents have gone up as well prices per square foot in recent years. Some of the apartments in Battery Park City have some of the best views in NYC.

Battery Park is a great spot to enjoy the 4th of July fireworks.  Under the park is the Brooklyn battery tunnel which carries traffic to Brooklyn and it was opened in 1941.  The area is quiet at night which makes Battery Park City a great choice for residential living. During the day you will experience traffic from many businesses such as American Express and many tourists that come to visit the area. If you are on the market for an apartment in Battery Park city, let one of our real estate brokers help you locate that great new apartment for you, that you can call home.

Battery Park City Real Estate

Expenses for apartments in Battery Park City, maybe be a little bit higher in this area, but residents say the benefits may outweigh the costs.

50 years ago you may call Battery Park city a deserted area.  Now it has grown into a community where everyone knows everybody else. Also, apartments in Battery Park city tend to be less expensive or at least feel that way when compared with the rest of the city.

Back in the days where very few amenities and residents in Battery Park but that has now changed.  Nowadays you will find plenty of restaurants, bars, parks and a ton of other activities. The are is just growing so fast.

While the area has become more affluent, you can still find some rent-stabilized apartments. many people tend to rent an apartment in the area first while they consider their apartment buying options.


Another great feature of Battey Park is the great schools that now attract many families to this area.  Also, you will find people from all over the world living and looking for an apartment in Battery Park City.  Someone said that at any given time you can find 1000 free activities in Battery Park.  The demand for apartment sales in Battery Park has grown so much, that many rental buildings here, have turned into condominiums for sale. Give us call today and browse the many residential Battery Park City apartments for sale and rent.

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