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Manhattan Apartments


The Borough of Manhattan

The first thing that comes to mind is Manhattan Apartments. Everyone at some point or another, dreams of at least browsing the inventory of apartments in Manhattan.

For those who achieve their dream of living in Manhattan, this is only the beginning of a great adventure.  Many visitors first stop is always Central Park or the Empire State building and Times Square to name a few. Manhattan is often times referred to as the capital of the world and the city that never sleeps. Hosting the United Nations in Midtown East and Wall Street in Downtown Manhattan known as The Financial District, Manhattan is a unique destination.

As far as Manhattan apartments go, you can find mostly condos and co-op apartments.  Defined by categories, you will find typical tall highrises, Pre-war buildings, townhouses and Brownstones.  Also, the may tenements which are mostly rent-stabilized buildings and town of new developments all over the city. Real Estate brokers in New York city, hold most of the inventory, but nevertheless, there are many for sale by owner as well as owners that manage and rent their own units.

Interesting Facts about Manhattan

Manhattan has been the setting for many movies. One of the most famous that comes to mind is Manhattan by Woody Allen. In which a 42-year-old man has a romanticised view of Manhattan. Another famous movie is Wall Street, in which Michael Douglas find a way to manipulate the system to get wealthier. Manhattan became a borough in 1898. Other boroughs in New York are Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and The Bronx.  Manhattan is considered an Island. The largest landlord in Manhattan is Columbia University.

In second place owning the most land is New York University. And the largest borough by population is the borough of Brooklyn. According to some, Manhattan is the safest city in the United States. And some argue that Bedford-Stuyvesant is the most dangerous part of New York.  Real Estate in Manhattan is the most discussed topic.  Is not uncommon to hear people walking down the street, discussing their next real estate deal. Some experts say that the Manhattan real estate market is insulated from the rest of the united states.

While the market in NYC is somehow affected by the news and different economic factors, it manages to stay ahead and retain property values.  Some say in today's market, there is plenty of opportunities to buy property and get the best deal. In 2018 the market became a buyers market and sellers had no choice but to offer many concessions to get deals closed. This includes many new developments in the city, where incentives to buy a new apartment are always available.