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Dumbo Apartments


Dumbo neighborhood

Looking for well priced Dumbo Apartments? Well, just across the river from lower Manhattan is located in the neighborhood of Dumbo.  A short ride on the F train to York street, or you could even walk the Brooklyn bridge and get there in no time, that is how close to the city this Brooklyn neighborhood is. Dumbo is a hip neighborhood with great views of Manhattan and fabulous new loft apartments for sale and for rent.  New full-service Dumbo apartments await you everywhere.  This due to the fact that Dumbo was in the past the mecca of American manufacturing with a 100-year-old warehouse that has given way to new and magnificent residential apartments.  One of the most significant features of apartments in Dumbo is the phenomenal views of Manhattan and while prices are far from low, you could always find a great deal in this area.  Come and enjoy the hip vibe of this neighborhood.



Dumbo Activities

Need a break from looking at apartments in Dumbo? You may take a break at the famous Brooklyn Bridge Park. Perhaps the best thing to do there, though, is simply set up a picnic and enjoy the view.  You can always sweeten the trip and stop by the Jacques Torres Chocolate. The standout is the Mexican-style hot chocolate made with cinnamon and ground chili peppers. If you're walking the bridge on a cold day, bring a cup with you for the journey.

Another staple here is Juliana's Pizza. Delicious pizza that won't sell by the slice. Another great restaurant to check out is Superfine. Upscale restaurants that came to the neighborhood, is located in one near the waterfront.

Another option is The River Cafe The dress code (gentlemen must wear jackets to dinner) and the dishes (strip steak, poached lobster, foie gras) are old-fashioned and elegant, and the views of downtown Manhattan, especially at night, are unparalleled.


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York Street

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