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Brooklyn Heights Apartments


Brooklyn Heights Neighborhood

Brooklyn Heights apartments have climbed higher in prices while inventory has decreased.  And it looks like the only market that has done this. The Manhattan market overall has slowed down.  even apartments in the borough of Queens, have slowed down.  However luxury apartments growth has gone down on an average of at least 20 per cent.

Some say that Brooklyn Heights apartments are currently more expensive than those on the upper west side of Manhattan.  Looking at the current inventory in Brooklyn Heights that may be an accurate assessment of the sale and rental prices in the area. From Brooklyn Heights apartments in Federal Townhouses to condominium units in Pre-war buildings, nobody denies that charm is the keyword here.  Many of the houses here have landmark status. With some cobblestone streets and the famous promenade, the area is very desirable and real estate inventory is tight indeed. It's not unusual to have a home that is on the market for less than a week or having a high priced townhouse rental get off the market in a couple of days.  With its many restaurants, bars, cafes and charming feel Brooklyn Heights is as desirable as Manhattan to make it a permanent home.

Why Buy a Brooklyn Heights Apartment

  • Proximity to downtown Manhattan makes it almost a seamless commute.  Perhaps you would travel longer to downtown Manhattan if you lived on the Upper East side.
  • A more spacious Brooklyn Heights apartment, awaits you, as opposed to a New York City apartment.
  • Apartments in Brooklyn Heights are as stable as ever, prices rarely change and most increase in value.
  • The charm of an apartment in Brooklyn Heights is hard to match unless you are in Paris.

Let us know if you are on the market for an apartment in Brooklyn Heights and let one of our real estate experts, help you find your ideal new home.


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