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Bensonhurst Apartments

Bensonhurst Neighborhood

Apparently, buyers are travelling to Brooklyn looking for low priced Bensonhurst apartments.

Bensonhurst or as some call it, Brooklyn's Little Italy. Historically that was the case, however, things have changed in recent years and now, they are multicultural. Nowadays you can find Chinese, Russian, Spanish and American food everywhere in Bensonhurst. There was a time when apartments in Bensonhurst were readily available in the area, however, demand for housing has increased for apartment rentals and condominiums and houses for sale.  Come visit Bensonhurst and visit the many open houses for apartments and condos on Sunday and find out if this area could become your permanent neighbourhood.

It seems there is a high demand for apartments in Bensonhurst from Chinese buyers.  Mostly looking for condominium, coops and multifamily homes.

In 2018 average prices are a bit over a million dollars.  Travelling from Bensonhurst to the city takes approximately 50 minutes, of course depending on what subway line you take and what time of the day you travel.

With plenty of restaurant and bars in Bensonhurst, you will always have a place to enjoy a drink and grab some food.  And for only 32 dollars you could even play a round of golf of 18 holes at the Dyker Beach Golf club on 7th avenue.

Why Buy an Apartment in Bensonhurst

Prices have gone up considerably in Bensonhurst apartment sales, and even apartment rentals have seen skyrocketing monthly prices.  Some feel the prices have to eventually come down, however, the demand for homes in Brooklyn keeps pushing the real estate prices to levels previously not thought possible.

The second largest group of immigrants, Chinese real estate purchases are hard to ignore.  The housing market for Chinese immigrants in New York is heavily concentrated in Bensonhurst, Sunset Park and Flushing Queens. This real estate is now worth in the billions.

Demand for real estate from Chinese buyers has created something of a parallel economy. Serving this economy is an army of brokerages, property firms, banks and listing services employing thousands of people.

Come and visit our apartments in Bensonhurst and decide if you can make the area your new home

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