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Bedford Stuyvesant Apartments

Bedford-Stuyvesant apartments

Low priced Bedford-Stuyvesant apartments are what you can expect when looking for real estate in this area.

Areas include Bedford-Stuyvesant, Stuyvesant Heights and Tompkins Park North, but the name is shortened to just Bedford Stuyvesant.

Some say that Bedford-Stuyvesant apartment buildings have the largest untouched Victorian architecture in the country. Estimates claim that Bedford Stuyvesant has around 8900 buildings built before 1900. These figures have intensified the interest and investments in the area.  Many look to purchase apartments in Bedford-Stuyvesant and rehab them for investment purposes.  Is not rare to find brand new brownstones up for sale or rent in the area.  Also, plenty of condos, co-ops apartments and rent stabilized buildings. Come visit and browse the many apartment open houses on Sundays and see if you find any real estate opportunities.

Why Buy Real Estate in Bedford-Stuyvesant

  • Just a few subways stop from New York City
  • Plenty of Real Estate deals under One Million
  • Plenty of investors and first-time apartment owners in the areas
  • Most affordable apartments in Bedford-Stuyvesant
  • The historical area of Bedford-Stuyvesant offers turn or the century charming apartments and spaces.

While most of New York City luxury real estate continues its decline, apartments in Bedford-Stuyvesant continue to grow and be in demand.  However, Brownstones continue to decline across the city of New York and this is also true for Brownstones in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

If you are looking to purchase an apartment in Bedford-Stuyvesant, the prices would definitely be significantly cheaper than the rest of NYC, however, you should check to see where the apartment would be exactly and take a visit to the location in the daytime and see how comfortable you are.

Things have changed rapidly in the last 20 years in Bedford-Stuyvesant. “You’ve got the most unexpected, diverse people moving into the neighbourhood now. You still have your old-timers and African-American families who’ve been here for generations.

If you are on the market for an apartment in Bedford-Stuyvesant, give us a call and let one of our experts, help you with your real estate search.

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