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Bay Ridge Apartments

Bay Ridge Neighborhood


Bay Ridge apartments, can be found either in pre-war, post-war or brownstones. Bay Ridge which has been called a small town in a Big City, has is three-square-mile community overlooking New York Harbor provides both the convenience of the city and the feel of a village.

Bay Ridge is considered an affluent neighbourhood consisting of about 80,000 residents.  Apartments in Bay Ridge can usually be seen during open houses on Sundays or by appointment.

Bay Ridge fun Facts

Bay Ridge was the setting for John Travolta's movie Saturday night fever and it changed the neighbourhood forever. Back in the 70s Bay Ridge had a nightlife in so many ways better than Manhattan. Today is more of a family neighbourhood with a mix of different cultures, cuisines and new houses.  Bay Ridge Apartments are a good combination of houses, brownstones, townhouses and coop buildings. Apartments in Bay Ridge offer a good inventory for rental buildings as well for both rent stabilized and decontrolled.  Colonial road is quiet and residential. Come by to see the open houses on Sunday and decide if you like to make Bay Ridge your new neighbourhood.

Why Buy an Apartment in Bay Ridge Brooklyn

--Apartments in Bay Ridge are usually lower priced than those in North Brooklyn

--The new ferry, has been a great addition to the neighbourhood of Bay Ridge and provides a direct route to NYC

--Due to zoning codes, developers have a limited ability to build in this area.  You know if you buy real estate in Bay Ridge, years from now your views will not be blocked by new construction.

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Local Transportation

Bay Ridge 95th street

Subway station