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Brooklyn Apartments


The Borough of Brooklyn

If you are looking for a cool area to live in, you should browse our wide selection of Brooklyn Apartments. Brooklyn is a very different place, most areas are cool and down to earth. Neighborhoods in Brooklyn offer many different types of apartments. From historic townhouses and brownstones to a tenement and in the last few years many new developments offering full-service buildings, to accommodate those who are used to have all the amenities possible with their building.  If fun for you means walking around and relaxing in the park, you will find many residents that stroll the streets, looking for a cool coffee shop or happy hour bars.

Different areas in Brooklyn have different feels, so make sure you speak to someone that has the same interest that you have. Brooklyn Heights offers turn of the century Brooklyn apartments and is for example, famous for having historic houses that are historic landmarks. This area is probably is the most expensive are as far as Brooklyn apartments is concerned and certainly the closest to Manhattan.  Park Slope is known for being a family neighborhood, is not uncommon to see families with their children enjoying their weekend in the neighboring parks. Brooklyn Apartments in Park Slope are not as expensive as those in Brooklyn Heights.

Facts about Brooklyn

There are many free activities in Brooklyn, from walking across the iconic Brooklyn bridge to spending the day at the Botanic Garden.  as you browse the wide selection of Brooklyn apartments, you could visit Dumbo. it has spectacular views of Manhattan. This neighborhood you will encounter as soon as you cross the bridge. Dumbo is known for old warehouses which some have been converted into residential apartments. If you are in the mood for pizza, don't forget to stop by Grimaldi's Pizza. Visit the New York transit museum, here you will get so see subway cars dating back to 1907.

This museum has guided tours as well. If you have children, then you should pay a visit to the children's museum. One of the museum's attractions is the kid's size, Brooklyn.  Another cool thing to do is to spend the day in Williamsburg, in the early 90s this area house all the artist that have been priced out of Manhattan. This area at night comes alive with so bars, restaurants and cafes.  Make it a point to visit Brooklyn and browse the wide selection of Brooklyn apartments and decide if the borough is for you.