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Is it a Buyer’s Real Estate Market in New York City?

It certainly feels that way. I usually like to drive around on Sundays throughout Manhattan and visit for sale by owner’s open houses. What I have noticed is that traffic is pretty slow with sellers offering incentives that I have not seen in a long time. One of the many reasons the market has slowed down is the new federal tax overhaul showing the lowest sales numbers in the past 6 years. Adding to this is the small increase in mortgage rates.

This is my opinion of course and while I do watch the news and read the papers, there is nothing like visiting apartment sellers and see for myself that this seems indeed like a buyer’s market. I believe there is great opportunity out there right now, with sellers being more realistic about pricing their properties and making brokers more aware that overpriced real estate will just not sell. You may want to do a search and see if there is anything that may just work for you.

It appears that buyers in this market have a preference for downtown neighborhoods. Also most buyers seem to focus mostly in Manhattan and Brooklyn but I believe the best investments with most value per square foot are now in Queens. In the end I believe there are great values everywhere right now, particularly with sellers that really need to move and that are not just listing property to get a feel for the market.

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